Lyons Landfill Limited

Aerial Landscape Lyons Landfill was formed in April, 1994 to run Pole Hole Quarry, near Harlow. The site produces high grade as raised hoggin and is both an exempt and a licensed inert landfill site.
The company is also a registered waste broker and a registered waste carrier. In the role of waste broker customers are regularly advised concerning the alternative waste disposal facilities available for waste types that are outside of our licence restrictions.

The company has adopted the role of operator for other landfill site owners successfully in the past and has an open mind to undertaking similar projects in the future.

Protection of the environment is high on our list of priorities and with this in mind we regularly monitor the landfill gas generated by a local closed site and advise the appropriate authorities of the results to allow the necessary remedial actions to be taken. We also offer gas monitoring services to third parties at reasonable rates.

Lyons Landfill has a positive attitude to training and standards and has one COTC holder, and a candidate who has completed her level 4 landfill certificate and a registered WAMITAB assessor.
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