Environmental Remediation Services Limited


Environmental Remediation Services Limited is a joint venture company formed by Frank Lyons Plant Services and CBA Environmental Services Inc. The objective of the company is to pool the expertise of the two enterprises and commence the environmental enhancement some of the thousands of contaminated sites in the UK.
Frank Lyons Plant Services has extensive experience in the field of earthworks, site clearance and preparation and landfill engineering and restoration. CBA has extensive experience in the USA using its in house designed and developed mobile in-situ treatment unit (MITU). image
image The remediation of contaminated soils is achieved by soil mixing using trenching equipment attached to a tracked excavator to add chemical reagents and/or hot air to achieve target cleanup concentrations. Where the treatment causes gas emissions to arise these gases are collected and treated with various treatment options. The results achieved by utilising the MITU over the past five years have been very impressive and the technology has been well received by both industrial clients and regulatory agencies.
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The MITU technology which is currently patent protected in the United States and patent pending in the United Kingdom has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency for both in-situ and ex-situ soil treatment. The technology has been utilised on over thirty projects including Federal and State Superfund projects. Click to Enlarge
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